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Transportation Research Part C

Transportation Research Part C

The Transportation Research Part C welcomes submissions in areas related to transportation, such as intelligent transportation systems, resource management, and real-time operations. It also welcomes submissions that examine the adoption, acceptance, and usage of new and emerging technologies. This category also encourages work on how to enhance the experience of travelers and consumers.


Abbreviation for transportation research part dubbed as Transp. Res. Part C refers to research papers that address the implications of new transportation technologies for transportation systems. Rather than studying the individual technologies, Part C focuses on their impact on the overall transportation system, including levels of service, capacity, safety, environmental impact, and economics. Part C also welcomes submissions on the infrastructure applications of new technologies.


The use of citation counts as a measure of publication quality is common practice. However, it is important to note that citation counts are not the only way to measure the quality of a publication. Other factors, such as the journal in which an article was published, are also important. Researchers can use these factors to evaluate their research and maximize the impact of their work.

The quality of research papers published in Transportation Research – Part C is judged on several factors, including readability, the clarity of scientific arguments, the innovation level of the research, and the potential usefulness of the research. Papers in this journal should include an Introduction, a Methods section, a Discussion section, and a Conclusions section. They should also contain the main findings and recommendations for future research. It is also a good idea to refer to the Guide for Authors to ensure that the paper contains all the information required.

Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria are a key part of a multi-criteria analysis. But often, these criteria are developed to suit planning objectives, rather than achieving transportation goals or wider sustainability objectives. In this paper, we present an integrated approach to the development of criteria that involves the involvement of stakeholder groups.

The evaluation process can be based on different methods, such as passenger flow index systems. These can help quantify the impact of varying transport capacities. The data from evaluation indexes can then be used to make adjustments to the capacity of various connection modes.