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Nicu Travel Nurse Jobs

Nicu Travel Nurse Jobs

Travel nurses are invaluable to the healthcare industry, providing much-needed care in many locations across the country. This is especially true in some areas where nursing shortages are more pronounced than others, such as rural communities and those serving the elderly.

Travel RNs are highly skilled and qualified to provide the highest level of patient care in a variety of specialties and conditions. Their skills make them valuable to employers in a wide range of settings, from hospitals to home health agencies.

The best nicu travel nurse jobs pay well and offer excellent benefits to nurses. In addition to a generous salary, these positions often include sign-on bonuses and other compensation options like relocation reimbursements.

Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurses

This is one of the most challenging and rewarding nicu travel nurse jobs because it requires nurses to be experienced in critical nursing skills. They must be able to identify rapid changes in a patient’s status and administer advanced life support measures.

They also must be capable of identifying signs and symptoms of cardiac disease, providing treatment, and working as part of an interdisciplinary team to improve patient outcomes.

These nurses also help manage the risks of severe cardiac conditions by observing their patients and ensuring they are safe and secure during their stay in the hospital.

COVID-19/ICU Travel Nurses

Because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals worldwide have been experiencing increased demands for nurses in critical care settings. This has led to a spike in the salaries of nurses who are willing to work in these environments.

Their responsibilities include assessing the patients’ condition upon arrival to the hospital, administering medications, starting IVs, performing wound care, and assisting physicians with examinations and procedures.

This is a job that requires an active, unrestricted license to practice as an RN and certification in ACLS. Some employers require a minimum of two years of experience working in an intensive care unit or critical care unit before applying for this type of job.

Labor and Delivery/Postpartum Nurses

These nurses provide crucial care to mothers during labor and delivery, as well as for infants after birth. Their knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth, and their ability to adapt to new environments, make them an essential part of the interdisciplinary labor and delivery team.

They must be highly trained and skilled at monitoring the mother and baby’s condition, as well as providing emotional and psychological support to both parties. Their specialized skills and their commitment to providing high-quality nursing care are why this is one of the highest-paying nicu travel nurse jobs available.

Orthopedic Travel Nurses

This is another of the highest-paying nicu nurse jobs, with an average annual income of $104,810. These nurses care for clients who have musculoskeletal disorders or diseases and may perform therapeutic treatments, such as traction, resetting broken bones, or joint replacements.

The nurses who take on this nursing job should be registered nurses with a minimum associate of science degree in nursing. They should also have at least 2,000 hours of clinical experience in their chosen area of nursing.