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Nuna Travel Stroller Review – GB Qbit+ All City

Nuna is one of the leading stroller brands in the world. Their product lineup focuses on safety and comfort for babies, and their commitment to mindful manufacturing is evident in the high-quality materials used to create their strollers and car seats.

Their strollers are lightweight and easy to fold, which makes them ideal for traveling with kids. The company has a few travel strollers to choose from, including the Nuna TRVL and GB Qbit+ All City.

The Nuna TRVL is a top choice because it’s easy to maneuver, can be folded and collapsed with just one hand, fits in the overhead bin (and will probably get you gate-checked by your airline), and connects directly to a Nuna Pipa car seat without an adapter. Its other big pluses include a one-touch break, adjustable leg support and customizable recline.

GB Qbit+ All City is a good choice for families who want a stroller that looks and feels like the Nuna TRVL, but at a lower price point. It folds up to carry-on size with a few simple clicks and features luxe-looking fabric and faux leather on the bumper bar and handle.

It also handles our maneuverability tests well, though it felt a little heavier than the Nuna. The canopy wasn’t as nice or expansive, and it didn’t have a built-in carrying strap. It also doesn’t have a full UPF 50+ sun canopy and calf rest that are available on the Nuna.

While most of our testers had a Nuna travel stroller at home, they loved the convenience and maneuverability of the GB Qbit+ All City. It’s a bit heavier than the Nuna, but that may be a trade-off for the ease of folding and navigating public transportation.

Another benefit to this stroller is that it’s extremely comfortable for both parents and kids. It has a padded seat, and the leather handlebar is cushy and posh. It also comes with a carry bag, which can be used as a backpack transport bag to make it easier to carry around when you’re traveling by car or bus.

You can save on a Nuna stroller at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This sale, held every year during the summer, is a great time to pick up all kinds of baby gear at a huge discount, including many of their most popular strollers and car seats.

The Nuna Rava convertible car seat is a favorite among shoppers and bloggers. It’s a 5-star-rated seat that will work for your baby from birth to toddlerhood, and it’s made with special flame-retardant fabrics.

This Nuna seat is also incredibly easy to install. Unlike most convertible car seats, which require LATCH connectors, this seat uses your vehicle’s seat belt for installation. This is a huge benefit, as it’s much less likely to cause an accident.

It’s also made with a special “FR-free” material that is free of toxic fire retardants and other chemical emissions. This is an important factor for health conscious parents, and it’s one of the reasons why we love this convertible car seat so much.