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Avianca Travel Requirements

Avianca Airline Travel Requirements

Avianca offers its customers unbeatable airfare deals. As a low-cost airline, it operates an impressive fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft to destinations worldwide – including South America and Europe.

Avianca prides itself on its safety record and adheres to stringent security protocols. With an impressive 7/7 safety rating, Avianca is an excellent option for travelers seeking safe, comfortable journeys.

The company has a distinguished history of successful route launches and expansion, having served more than 60 countries as the leading carrier in Latin America.

Its network includes hub and spoke cities that link to various destinations. Popular stops on its route include Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Uruguay.

Avianca boasts an extensive fleet, as well as codeshare agreements with over 15 international airlines such as United, Air Canada and Iberia.

Many airlines operate flights to destinations in both Europe and Latin America, such as Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and the U.S. This offers you the unique opportunity to fly around the world with just one ticket – an excellent way to save money!

Avianca may offer low-cost flights, but there are certain fees and restrictions you should be aware of before making your booking. These include weight restrictions, luggage requirements, and more.

Before traveling, always check the official websites of each country to make sure you are fully prepared. In some cases, some may require a vaccination certificate before boarding your flight.

One important note to bear in mind is that each passenger can bring one item of carry-on luggage with them. Your bag must not exceed 158 cm/62 inches in length, width and height combined.

When traveling with a child, be sure to read through the flight and destination details on an airline website. Check for any age restrictions or additional fees that may apply.

Children under 24 months of age are eligible for a lap infant ticket, which is offered on many Avianca flights. While this may be ideal for shorter trips, you should probably purchase your child their own seat on longer flights – especially if they will be traveling in an international premium cabin.

Avianca offers elite status to Star Alliance members at reasonable rates. However, in order to take advantage of these tiers you must earn a minimum number of qualifying miles during trips with Avianca in order to be eligible.

Due to changes made in the program, earning elite status on flights operated by other Star Alliance members is now simpler. Specifically, the minimum number of qualifying miles required to achieve each tier has been reduced across all elite tiers.