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5206 Research Dr

5206 Research Dr, San Antonio, TX 78240

5206 Research Dr, San Antonio, TX 78240 has no known permits filed on the property. However, there is one active lien and 10 known companies. This data can be useful if you are working on a project and need to find out more information on getting paid. It can also be helpful if you are looking for a partner to work on a project with.

Texas Oncology-San Antonio Medical Center

Texas Oncology is a private practice with more than 500 physicians and 210 locations in Texas. It has been serving Texans with oncology needs for more than 35 years. The practice has several specialties, including Texas Center for Proton Therapy, Texas Breast Specialists, Texas Oncology Surgical Specialists, and Texas Center for Interventional Surgery. It has participated in numerous US oncology research studies and has developed more than 100 FDA-approved therapies.

In addition to offering cancer treatment, Texas Oncology-San Antonio also offers clinical trials and research. There are four comprehensive cancer centers in the San Antonio area. Patients can receive treatments at any of these facilities. The practice is committed to advancing cancer treatments through the latest research and clinical trials.

Texas Oncology-San Antonio Medical Centre offers many clinical trials for various cancer types. The facility is a main participant in US Oncology Research, a research consortium that has contributed to more than 100 approved cancer treatments. Currently, the center has more than 150 open national clinical trials. Patients can also access genetic risk evaluation and testing services at five locations in the San Antonio area.