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Nate Traveller

11 YouTubers With a Passion for Adventure

Tennessee-based YouTubers Nate and Kara Buchanan sold their home four years ago to embark on a global journey that would cover 100 countries across seven continents. Now, they’re stuck in Singapore where they’re vlogging about their experiences while self-quarantining due to COVID-19 virus exposure.

When you think of adventure-minded YouTubers, you likely envision someone with money to spare who can afford exotic trips around the world. While this may be true for some, many others use their passion for travel as a platform on YouTube to build an audience and encourage people to travel more frequently and experience new places.

These 11 YouTubers have taken on the nomadic lifestyle and shared their excitement for exploration with their audiences. Check out their travel vlogs and be inspired to start planning your next trip!

Family Travel Journalists

Established by a husband-and-wife team, this traveling couple has amassed over one million YouTube views and continues to expand their audience. As they traverse the globe, they document their adventures through vlogs and blogs that reach millions around the world.

Their brand takes an authentic approach to video production, creating content that not only entertains but also informs their viewers. They strive to inspire people to live the lifestyle they enjoy and are constantly coming up with innovative ways to make travelling more enjoyable, motivating, and educational.

They’re renowned for their insightful and captivating content, which has earned them an audience of over 1 million subscribers. Their YouTube vlogs offer inspiring travel ideas – make sure to follow along on all their social media accounts today!

Nate Traveller – Florida Pop Sensation with Debut Album (Hunny)

Nate Traveller’s debut album is an eclectic blend of alternative pop, rnb and rap that features collaborations from high-profile artists like Dominic Fike and pluko. The music is organic, smooth and beautiful throughout.

He exudes a serene aura and his easy, melodic vocal style is reminiscent of some of our favorite Florida artists. His songs are personal reflections on life’s experiences, enabling him to convey feelings through music that’s both soothing and moving.

“Low Blow” is an enthralling track featuring mature lyrics and an almost perfectly laid-back vibe. Traveller weaves in several mellow lines that encourage self-belief and forgiveness throughout the song.

Nate Traveller’s voice sounds effortless as his introspective lyrics are accompanied by soothing instrumentation and an easy-to-follow rhythm. Listeners are left with a captivating track that’s sure to become one of their favorites.

In the meantime, you can stream his latest single “Low Blow” on Spotify and stay tuned for more music from this exciting artist!

German DJ and producer BUNT is well known for his eclectic electronic dance music (EDM). His remixes demonstrate the power of EDM to create captivating aural landscapes. While he draws inspiration from many great EDM acts, it’s his eclecticism which sets him apart from his peers.