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What Two Continents Fit Together Like A Puzzle

Many people are baffled by the question of what two continents fit together like a piece of jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle-like fitting has long been a source of debate. But now, there are scientific reasons to support the hypothesis. One reason for the apparent similarity between the coastlines of South America and Africa is the fact that these continents were once above the surface of the Earth. Relief maps show that continents once formed one giant supercontinent called Pangaea. Then, these supercontinents broke up into separate pieces and started drifting to their present positions on Earth’s surface.

What makes this fit so well? A scientist named Alfred Wegener argued that the two continents once shared a supercontinent called Pangaea (Pangaea means “all earth” in ancient Greek). Eventually, the continents broke apart, and the earth moved into the present locations. Despite the similarities in their geology, scientists still cannot explain how the two fit together.

The east coast of South America and the west coast of Africa both fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Wegener’s findings led scientists to believe that the continents were once connected. He also suggested that the continents were once connected. It was later discovered that these two continents were separated by a sea. This is a major milestone for science! These discoveries have made it easier for researchers to explain how two continents fit together.

In 1927, Alfred Wegener noticed that the east coast of South America and the west coast of Africa fit together like pieces of a puzzle. He later discovered that the two continents shared similar geologies and that they were once linked. This discovery led scientists to conclude that the two continents were once one, but that the two continents are not connected. This theory was challenged in 2008 by evidence that shows that they were once joined.

Although Africa and South America are separate continents, they fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This is a result of the fact that the two continents once fit together. It is important to understand the differences between Africa and South America. It is not just the continents that fit together. It is also the geologic characteristics of both. In some cases, the geology of the two continents is very similar.

Another reason the two continents do not fit together is that they are different. But despite this, the two continents have similar geologies. And the east coast of South America fits in with the west coast of Africa. It also fits in with the west coast of Africa. The corresponding rock layers of both continents also match. These observations indicate that continents are not connected. But there are other reasons why they do not match.

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