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Shawn Jay Dead at 50

On Sunday, December 30, 2012, Shawn Jay Olson, 50, passed away. He was a former Marine and was born in Portland, Oregon to Robert (Rieder) Olson. He attended Jackson High School and Scappoose High School before he moved to Hawaii to attend college. He spent the past two decades in Hawaii where he made many friendships. Linda Jean, his wife, survives him.

He was born in the Year of the Horse, the sign of the Horse. Horses are highly independent and love to roam freely. They’re impatient and sharp-witted. They are also compatible with the Tiger, Dog, and other dogs. He was a member the hip-hop group Field Mob that he founded in a high school courtyard rap battle. Later, he signed to T-Pain’s record label Nappy Boy Entertainment.

On August 20, Jay Sean received a fake death report. Fans quickly expressed their shock and disappointment via Jay Sean’s Facebook page. The hoax spread like wildfire across the Twittersphere, with fans expressing their grief over the death of their favorite musician. However, Jay Sean is still alive, and his reps are confident that he is alive. Jay Sean’s fake news was reacted with outrage by fans around the globe.