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Long Haired Freaky People

Drekker Long Haired Freaky People Review

Firstly, Drekker Long Haired Freaky People is not a brew you’ll find on tap. However, it is available in 16 oz cans or, if you are really into the hobbits, in kegs. Secondly, it is a reasonably priced beverage at $6.00 for the can and $6.25 for the keg. Finally, it is brewed in New Zealand, so you know it’s a good beer. Lastly, it is a big ol’ bottle, which means it was stored at a decent temperature. Upon opening, it is a pleasant surprise, with a nice frothy head and a pleasant aroma. The color is a pleasant sassy golden hue and the flavor is just about indistinguishable from a lager, which is a rarity in the microbrewery world.