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Main Street Travel

Main Street Travel

If you’re a travel enthusiast, then you’ll be delighted to know that many destinations across America boast historic main streets and shopping districts. These places are ideal for walking or strolling, offering an atmosphere of community that’s hard to replicate in today’s globalized world.

These charming areas can be found in cities such as Fredericksburg, Lake Geneva, Park City, and Breckenridge among others. Each one offers a selection of small shops and eateries from quaint restaurants to art galleries.


Fredericksburg is a Texas-German town known for its warm welcome and historic heritage that predates the town itself. The downtown area offers more than 150 shops, boutiques, eateries and art galleries as well as year-round events and attractions to enjoy. A stroll down Main Street is an ideal way to take in all of the sights while taking in all of the local flavor.

Fredericksburg’s main street is free of franchises, making it a welcoming destination for visitors who want to feel right at home. There are plenty of family-owned restaurants and small, independent stores that will make you feel like an actual local.

Explore Fredericksburg’s Main Street for an authentic taste of Texas culture, from elegant wine bars to smoky barbecue restaurants. Don’t forget to stop into Fischer & Wieser on Main for a sampling of their renowned peach brand!

Main Street in Park City, Utah exudes an outdoor spirit with stunning mountain views and an array of charming stores, shops, and restaurants. It’s the perfect spot to spend the day between exploring the ski resort or unwinding at one of Park City’s many spas or luxury hotels.

Hill Valley Dairy offers the perfect setting to enjoy a glass of wine or sample gourmet cheese, while Maxwell Mansion speakeasy – Apothecary Bar lets you savor the flavors in an inventive craft cocktail.

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