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Iconic Weekender Travel

The Classic Weekender Travel Bag

The weekender, a compact yet spacious duffel bag, has become an icon of travel over decades. Seen in movies, worn by iconic men like Steve McQueen and David Beckham and even shaping modern fashion trends; its timeless appeal remains.

No matter your packing style – whether minimalist or overpacker – choosing the appropriate Weekender bag size for you and your specific needs is of utmost importance. For example, frequent flyers should make sure the bag they select can fit into overhead bins as well as under their seats comfortably. Also take into account how much room is needed to accommodate clothing items, electronics accessories, charger cables and toiletries.

Waxed canvas Weekenders from Madewell provide a durable and budget-conscious alternative. Boasting a classic aesthetic, the bag features an understated classic aesthetic perfect for wearing with any ensemble and is strong enough for chronic coffee spillers (we know who we’re talking about!). Additionally, its fabric naturally repels water while developing its own distinct patina over time with oil from your hands or wear and tear from travel – giving each bag its own distinct persona!

Mark & Graham Weekenders feature modern designs with their chocolate brown hue, featuring durable gold zippers and monogram options to give a long-term personalized touch. Perfect for light and heavy packers alike, this spacious bag includes an exterior shoe compartment as well as multiple interior and exterior zipper pockets.

DKNY offers another fantastic vegan leather-trimmed weekender that boasts sleek and polished design with unique features, such as RFID shielding pockets and vented bottom pockets to store shoes or laundry. Remarkably lightweight for such a spacious bag, it comes in two color choices including elegant cayenne orange. Furthermore, there’s even an available wheeled version with trolley sleeve connectivity to connect easily to suitcases.