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Bluepipes Travel Nursing Reviews

BluePipes’ Best Travel Nursing Agencies

BluePipes has been a go-to resource for nurses and travel nursing agencies since 2013, providing an accessible professional network to help manage your career. It features an easy-to-use nurse resume feature tailored specifically for healthcare professionals, as well as an informative blog with plenty of advice to help you succeed on your next travel nursing assignment.

Blue Pipes’ list of the Best Travel Nursing Companies is based on honest reviews submitted by travel nurses and allied clinicians across multiple online review sites. In total, they compiled more than 68,000 reviews from Highway Hypodermics, Travel Nursing Central, Indeed, Glassdoor and Google to create their list.

BluePipes has recognized the top travel nursing agencies in America for the third consecutive year. To earn this honor, companies had to achieve an impressive average score from their review sources based on positive comments, job satisfaction and customer service ratings.

FlexCare Medical Staffing has earned Gold-level status on BluePipes with more than 1,727 reviews. They appear on both Travel Nursing Central’s and Highway Hypodermics’ top travel nursing agency lists, where they have consistently ranked high since 2014.

AMN Healthcare has earned a stellar reputation with their dedicated support team that strives to make your journey an enjoyable one. Their recruitment team, clinical support staff, housing executives and customer service representatives are all available to assist you manage time while on a travel nursing assignment.

AB Staffing is an ideal option for Registered Nurses looking for a competitive salary and benefits package. They offer higher hourly rates than competitors and often reward their nurses with bonuses. Furthermore, AB Staffing provides nurses with access to their 401(k) plan on day one as well as tuition reimbursement.

GIFTED Healthcare is a highly-rated agency that specializes in travel nursing. Their team of recruiters are attentive, patient and diligent when answering questions about job opportunities. Furthermore, they prioritize employee wellbeing and have earned many positive reviews from both candidates and clients alike.

Greenstaff Medical is a new addition to our list this year and they’ve already earned an impressive average rating from reviews. This agency boasts a fun-loving culture and strives to be fair and diligent in its recruiting practices. With plenty of jobs available and an experienced team of recruiters, you can rest assured that your next travel nursing assignment will be handled expertly when working with this agency.