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Sequoia Research Llc

Sequoia Research LLC

Residents of Montgomery County have been receiving surveys by mail from Sequoia Research LLC. The company is located in erie, Pennsylvania. It claims to be a data collection agency and its address is a Staples. Residents in the county have been contacting local officials to report the survey.

The company claims to be impartial and non-partisan. Its surveys are conducted with the consent of the subjects. Their surveys are anonymous. The company is not affiliated to any political party or local government. They are open to working with businesses and individuals who are interested in collecting opinions of citizens in the event of conflicts of interest.

Sequoia Research LLC, a Delaware corporation, was registered with the California Secretary Of State as an LLC. It rents out post office boxes in different states in order to associate a local address with surveys. Some consumers have reported receiving letters in their mail with a “(name of state) Opinion Survey.” Some consumers have even been promised $5 gift cards to complete the surveys. However, the Better Business Bureau has warned consumers to be cautious and report suspicious activity to its Scam Tracker.

Although the company claims to be independent, confidential and secure, it has a history circulating surveys. Although this does not guarantee the privacy of the information, residents should be cautious about the survey that promises free gift cards. Some of the survey questions appear to be politically motivated, which makes it suspicious. These surveys are often conducted by unscrupulous entities and residents should avoid them.