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God Of War Traveler Armor

God of War Traveler Armor

Traveler Armor Set in God of War can be acquired by defeating five or six traveling creatures found throughout the map, which will drop shards you can use to create this legendary Armor Set and obtain Grizzly Trophy items necessary to advance it past rank 5 status in-game.

The Grizzly Trophy provides you with a small boost to Strength, Defense and Vitality – making it an excellent complement to the Traveler Armor Set as it will compensate for some of its other advantages.

God of War offers many armor sets, but those looking for the very best experience should take note. Some sets offer significant stat boosts and passive benefits while remaining durable enough for you to fight enemies without succumbing to them quickly. These armor sets should make an excellent addition to your character.

Ares’ Armor

For players looking to unlock Kratos’ full potential, the Ares Armor Set offers one of the most effective means in game. Boasting an outstanding base 30+ Runic Stat, massive increases in Strength, Defense, and Vitality stats as well as passive benefits like Arcane Protective Barrier perks; this armor set makes an excellent choice when trying to spam Kratos’ runic abilities.

Notably, this option offers a substantial increase to the game’s Cooldown system and may therefore be particularly suitable for those who tend to utilize many abilities quickly in rapid succession.

Ivaldi’s Cursed Mist Ivaldi’s Endless Mist is an invaluable set for exploring Niflheim and harvesting the Cursed Mist’s rare gear pieces. Additionally, its wear grants Kratos health regeneration every time they wear it! It makes an excellent all-round choice.

Steinbjorn’s Armor

You can access Steinbjorn armor set, one of the top ones available to Kratos, for use during gameplay. In particular, its chest plate offers incredible defensive capability as well as Bloodthirsty Retaliation that restores a small portion of his health every time an attack is used against Kratos.

Armor like this one can help increase damage of bare hand attacks while increasing vitality slightly – an ideal choice for anyone wanting an hard-hitting set of armor that’s relatively straightforward to obtain in New Game Plus.

Sindri’s Armor

Sindri Armor Set can be one of the more challenging Legendary armor sets to acquire in-game, yet can prove highly rewarding if runic abilities intrigue you. While more difficult than Ares Armor, Sindri may well be worth your while!