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Breast Implant Under The Muscle Vs Over

The most common question a woman asks before having a breast implant placed is “under the muscle vs over the bone.” This decision is based on a few factors, including the shape of your natural breasts, which may need to be improved before you can have your surgery. Some women may already have an opinion about which placement is best, which is perfectly understandable. If you’re undecided, Dr. Movassaghi suggests that you do a pinch test. If your skin is thin, then you may need an implant under the muscle. If your chest is larger than your breasts, then you’ll need to have a fat transfer procedure to reach the upper pole of your chest.

Another major difference between under the muscle vs over the muscle is the amount of coverage provided by the implant. Breast implants placed under the pectoralis muscle will be partially covered by the pectoralis major muscle. An over-the-muscle breast implant will cover more of the breast tissue than an under-the-muscle one. The problem with over-the-muscle placement is that the implant may come out of the muscle when the patient exercises, so the surgeon must do a double-sided surgery to avoid this.

Although under the muscle placement is more painful, it yields a natural look. However, if you’re a woman with a small breast, it’s best to place the implant above the muscle. The problem with under-the-muscle placement is that it can cause the implant to fold and wrinkle. This causes the breast to appear lax and unnatural. It may also take months for the implant to fully recover.

The main advantage of under-the-muscle placement is the fact that you’ll have a less painful recovery. But a major disadvantage of an under-the-muscle placement is that the muscle can get in the way and distort the implant’s position. Hence, the surgery will result in an indentation along the edge of the muscle. While under-the-muscle placement is less painful, it can cause more discomfort for the patient.

The downside of breast implant placement under the muscle is the possibility of an indentation along the edge of the implant. Under-the-muscle implants can also result in a waterfall-like deformity. Over-the-muscle placement is the safest choice for most women. This method is the preferred choice for many women with little or no breast tissue. It also tends to be more natural than the under-the-muscle approach.

While the under-muscle approach has its advantages, it also has some drawbacks. Under-the-muscle placement is more expensive and will take more time to heal. An under-muscle implant will last for more than five years. But you should be prepared to endure a few painful days and months. This means that breast implants under the muscle are not as natural as those above the muscle. It’s better to choose an under-muscle placement when you have a thick, firmer skin.

The over-the-muscle approach is the most common and is the most natural. It involves placing the implants under the muscle. It’s often more natural-looking and less painful than the over-muscle approach. In some cases, the under-muscle approach is the best option. But it is also more risky for you. It requires more time for the surgeon to ensure a proper fit.

The implant placement under the muscle is less effective than that under the muscle. It can cause indentation along the muscle edge. It can also lead to a waterfall deformity if the implant is placed too deep. This deformity can be permanent and may require a revision. The procedure is painful, so patients are advised to be comfortable with a numbing agent before the procedure. The pain caused by the implant surgery will be limited to their chest. The swelling may take up to two months before the implants have completely healed.

The breast implant placement under the muscle is less invasive than the one under the muscle. The implant placement under the muscle will remain attached to the pectoralis. This means that the breast will remain in place for a longer period of time than it will if it’s placed over the muscle. When compared to the over-the-muscle approach, the over-the-muscle placement is generally more effective for small women.

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