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Leaderstat Travel Cna

Top 5 Travel Nurse Agencies

Travel nurses take great pleasure in experiencing places other people only dream about, while at the same time honing their nursing skills in new clinical settings. Additionally, travel nurses receive higher compensation than permanent staff nurses while also having more control over their careers and can even select their destination assignments themselves. But not all travel nurse agencies are equal – here are some of the top ones!

LeaderStat Travel Cna

A pioneer in healthcare staffing, LeaderStat’s proven record includes providing workforce solutions that allow clients to operate at optimal levels – whether this means temporary direct care staff, interim leadership positions and executive recruiting services, interim management services or consulting on issues like survey turnaround and nurse management.

LeaderStat provides travel nurses with a comprehensive package of benefits, including medical and dental coverage, 401k matching, paid time off and housing stipends to cover lodging costs – giving them flexibility in choosing between hotels, Airbnb or rental cars as their accommodations – or spending it on something they enjoy doing! Thanks to a team of dedicated healthcare recruiters, LeaderStat provides travel nurses a full set of benefits tailored specifically for them – such as medical coverage and dental coverage as well as paid time off and paid time off. Finally, LeaderStat provides their nurses stipends to cover lodging costs so they can use this money for something they enjoy doing such as renting cars or hotels if desired – or spend it elsewhere as desired!

The company provides its nurses with access to career development resources and training programs to enable them to advance in their chosen field. Furthermore, it supports its employees’ mental wellness with advocacy programs and technologies which enable them to set aside time for self-care – thus enabling them to focus more fully on providing care to patients while improving lives of others.

FlexCare Medical Staffing is another highly esteemed travel nurse agency, providing their nurses with one central point of contact who can advocate for them, assist with job and housing searches, offer transparent pay rates, and ensure timely payments. They also host various healthcare-related podcasts and videos which help nurses discover new opportunities and advance their careers.

FlexCare provides more than its standard 13-week assignments; they also offer shorter contracts and extensions that enable nurses to find an assignment that best fits their schedule and interests, with many returning for multiple assignments when they find a facility they truly love working at. It’s not unusual for travel nurses to renew an assignment more than once when they discover one they enjoy working at!

Aya Healthcare stands out from other travel nurse agencies by offering sick leave for its nurses should they become sick while on assignment – something not all travel nurse agencies provide, which is one reason why nurses opt to work with this agency. Aya provides nurses with access to an expansive library of online resources designed to prepare them for assignments and learn more about the industry. Their videos and podcasts cover everything from travel tips and interview strategies. Aya provides nurses with everything they need to feel prepared and increase job satisfaction, including an easy-to-navigate website with an expansive FAQ page that makes finding information quickly and efficiently an effortless experience.