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All Tomorrows Snake People

Snake People – All Tomorrows Snake People

It’s a fact that Snake People are a thing. They have been around since the dawn of time, but only recently have they stepped into the spotlight. As with most things in life, their evolution was fraught with triumph and tragedy. A few are now extinct and others are more numerous in the wild than they’ve ever been. Nevertheless, it is said that there are approximately three thousand snake species currently roaming the planet.

There are several anthropomorphic snake people. The largest of the lot is the Great Snake Empire. Their heyday was around the time of the Jurassic era. While the species was relatively minor in size, it was nonetheless a powerful player in the evolutionary chain. One of its members, the Great Snake Emperor, is considered the wisest of all. His regal lineage was tasked with the task of keeping his horde of serpents under control, and the resulting power was a formidable foe.

In terms of technology, the Snake Empire was the pinnacle of the species. It is not without reason that the Great Snake Emperor ruled the roost in the aforementioned Jurassic era, as he was tasked with the duty of keeping the entire species under his thumb. Even so, his leadership was not without its foibles. From the unfathomable sex-related malefactors to opportunistic raiders and scalawags, the Snake Empire churned out some acrobats and misfits. Some of these individuals, the eponymous Great Snake Emperor, opted for the long and windy road, while others decided to stay close to home. Nonetheless, this adolescent population swelled to the point where the Great Snake Empire’s territory occupied most of the known universe.

The aforementioned Great Snake Emperor ruled the roost for an estimated 80 million years, a mere fraction of which was spent on the planet’s surface. This timetable spawned a galaxy-spanning empire, and a host of sub-divisions. However, the largest of these entities was the Great Snake Emperor, with his progeny numbering in the hundreds of millions. Despite the aforementioned difficulties, the emperor was a stalwart in a variety of fields, including scientific, military, and political.

The Great Snake Empire dominated the sphere, but a new adolescent population resurgent is now threatening its throne. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the great Snake Empire’s stowaway is a well-deserved snooze.