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Adventure Time Candy People

Adventure Time Characters – Bubblegum

The Candy People of Adventure Time are probably the most delicious folk in Ooo. These little monsters are created by Bubblegum, who uses her own genetic base and a scientific formula to form them. In fact, Bubblegum is so passionate about her creations that she has a hard time letting go.

Bubblegum has created hundreds of different candy people over the years. While she hasn’t actually given each one a name, they all have a distinctive appearance. They resemble various fruits and nuts. Unlike humans, they can speak and have psychic powers.

Princess Bubblegum is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom. She has also been responsible for the majority of the Candy Kingdom’s citizens. Though it is unclear whether or not she has ever left her position, she is unlikely to do so.

Bubblegum is a master of genetics. She can turn inert candy into Candy People, as well as use Candy DNA to create clones. She has also experimented with the creation of an heir. However, it was not a successful endeavor.

One of her most ambitious projects was to use a decorpsinator serum to bring the dead Candy People back to life. Unfortunately, her attempt resulted in the creation of the worst possible outcome: a bunch of Candy People turned into zombies.

Another notable feat is the creation of a Candy Elemental. This is a living embodiment of candy, which can materialize candy through hands and even psychically connect it to all candy in the universe.

As the ruler of the Candy Kingdom, Bubblegum is in charge of protecting and defending the kingdom. Her relationship with the Candy People is complex and strained at times. For instance, in the fifth season, Bubblegum exhibits authoritarian tendencies. Although she is a very caring person, she isn’t always the best at handling her leadership role.

Aside from being the creator of the Candy Kingdom, Bubblegum also happens to be its most intelligent citizen. While her creations are often incompetent, there are a few notable exceptions. Some of the most notable include Neddy, an animated Candy dragon and Ice King, a Candy king who rides on the back of Lady Rainicorn.

Other famous Candy People include Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun. However, many others exist. For example, there are Candy People that do not appear in the show, such as Fionna and Cake. Also, there are several fictitious Candy People, such as Earls of Lemongrab.

Lastly, there are the not so obvious ones. Aside from the many Candy People that are created by Bubblegum, there are those that have been created by other creatures. Among these are the Candy Zombies, a group of mutated Candy People created by the decorpsinator serum of Princess Bubblegum.

There are other things that Bubblegum has done, but those are the most significant. Most importantly, she has created an entire kingdom out of the candy she has collected throughout the centuries. Not only does she have a great relationship with her friends and the Candy People, she is also the leader of the Candy Kingdom.