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People Vs Battle

People Vs Battle – A Gem of a Case

Getting charged with three misdemeanors is no fun. But what if you’re a cop with a bad case of PTSD and a vengeful spouse? Luckily, that’s not the worst case scenario. A cursory search of Google’s legal database yielded this gem of a story. The key to a smooth prosecution lies in the prosecution’s reliance on state statutes that require drivers to show licenses. A subsequent examination of the police database reveals that this is a surprisingly common practice. As it turns out, the prosecution was not only able to prosecute Battle in the first instance, but also to a lesser degree, a number of other motorists who were similarly affected. In the end, the ensuing trial was a relatively smooth one.

However, a more thorough investigation revealed that in the aforementioned case, the prosecution was attempting to cover up the crime by charging Battle with multiple misdemeanors and a few felonies. The case is a mess, but the defendant has managed to secure some sort of deal with the prosecution, which is a glimmer of hope for the community at large. The outcome is still uncertain, but a good guess is that the case is going to remain in the hands of the defendant. Hopefully, the court will have its hands on the keys by the time the swag is mailed. In the meantime, be sure to check out the aforementioned link for a frank discussion and an update on the aforementioned case. So far, the court has shown a great deal of interest in this matter, but it’s hard to say whether it’s still a fair chance.