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Viktor And Rolf Good Fortune

Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune Review

Inspired by the new generation of spiritual women, Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune celebrates modern femininity and a mystical way of life. The fragrance’s muse, FKA Twigs, epitomises the brand’s spirit of sisterhood. As a result, the fragrance is synonymous with a more positive and inclusive attitude.

Good Fortune is a vegan fragrance. It is an amber floral scent with notes of fennel, gentiana, jasmine, vanilla, and Madagascar vanilla. The scent is available in 50 and 100-ml refillable eau de parfum. The bottle is designed to be spherical and features a gold plate and seal from Viktor & Rolf.

A vegan floral scent, Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune is a perfume that is both elegant and sensual. The fragrance is made with a blend of jasmine and fennel-gentian flower extract. It is perfect for women who love to feel confident and powerful. Good Fortune lasts about five hours and becomes softer and more feminine as it wears off.

Viktor & Rolf has chosen FKA Twigs as the face of its Good Fortune fragrance. The actress performed a song to accompany the fragrance. In the campaign, the singer poses with a crystal ball-shaped perfume bottle and golden locks. The video has received positive reactions from social media and the press.

The perfume’s name is a play on the names of fortune tellers. In the perfume, the bottle is reminiscent of a fortune teller’s ball. It has a mild anise aroma. The middle notes are jasmine and sultry. Good Fortune also follows the Flowerbomb scent story.

Good Fortune will be available in three sizes in June. These include a 30 ml bottle, a 50-ml bottle, and a 100-ml refillable bottle. This fragrance is a perfect gift for any woman looking to make a statement. Its price range is moderate.

Good Fortune is a white floral with a powerful jasmine heart. Its packaging is recycled, which makes it environmentally friendly and suitable for everyday wear. It also speaks to people looking to live a greener life by adopting sustainable habits. Good Fortune is similar to Giorgio Armani My Way but lacks the tuberose note and has a heavier vanilla and jasmine blend.