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Denali Travel Pants

The Best Travel Pants For the Budget Conscious

When it comes to travel pants, the ideal ones are made of durable materials that repel dirt and liquids. These pants can withstand repeated washings without blowing out a seam, while being wrinkle-resistant so your clothes look brand new after a day of exploring.

Active travelers will love prAna’s Zion line of pants – designed to handle everything from climbing and hiking to biking and camping – making it the ideal companion for all your toughest adventures.

The Zion IIs are made with a sustainable blend of recycled and organic fabrics with a DWR coating to protect them against weather elements. Furthermore, its stain-resistance makes it the ideal choice for outdoor festivals or Oktoberfest.

These jeans are lightweight and breathable, thanks to the stretchy fabric and soft elastic waistband. Additionally, they’re easy to pack – weighing only slightly more than a pair of jeans.

A hidden zipper pocket in the right rear rides up with a tab that folds over to reveal it, allowing you to tuck your passport or iPhone 13 Pro into this small space and access it from both sides. Likewise, the left front hand pocket is lined with coin sleeves to protect cash from shifting around.

These pockets are perfect for keeping small essentials like a rain jacket and extra socks organized when traveling. Available in both straight-cut “Klassik” fit and close-fitting tapered styles, these pants can accommodate people of any height or build.

UNIONBAY’s Rainier Travel Pants are an economical bargain at $42 a pair. Crafted from lightweight cotton-spandex blend with DWR coating, these pants are breathable and sweat-resistant as well as wrinkle resistant so they’ll maintain their shape no matter how many times you wash them.

These sneakers don’t feature drawstring or Velcro tabs, so you’ll need to size accordingly. But the comfort and performance they provide makes the tradeoff worthwhile: true to size for a snug fit without being too long or short; plus the gusseted crotch makes them comfortable while hiking or running.

The Zion pants come in two colors, black and green. Both feature a DWR coating to repel moisture and dirt. They’re available both with a slim and straight-leg cut; the slim version being more flattering on most bodies.

In a sea of specialty travel clothes, it’s refreshing to find a brand that pays attention to details. Bluffworks’ Ascender Chino offers an impressive 10 pockets – three of which are zippered and two hidden within traditional front and back pocket spaces.

There’s also a pocket inside the pocket, big enough for your phone or passport. And if you don’t mind some leg action, they have another cargo zipper pocket running down the right thigh that can be accessed from both front and top.