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Rounds For Research

UB Pediatrics Donates Rounds for Research

Several high-profile health care facilities have stepped up to support pediatric research by donating rounds for research. The rounds are a valuable resource for doctors and researchers as they help to establish and maintain clinical practice standards and guidelines. These rounds are also used to train and assess new and experienced pediatricians. This resource is critical to pediatricians’ and researchers’ ability to maintain good clinical practice and improve patient outcomes.

Pediatrics Research Rounds

UB Pediatrics Research Rounds is a monthly event where pediatricians and other physicians present their research on pediatric diseases. The presenters include members of the Division of Pediatrics and other visiting specialists. The research presented is relevant to the pediatric community, and is intended to help improve clinical practice and public health.

The Pediatrics Research Rounds are designed to promote collaborations and new initiatives among pediatric physicians and other health care professionals. The presentations are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month from October through June. All child healthcare professionals are encouraged to attend. They are free to attend and provide a forum for sharing the latest developments in pediatrics. They are held in MSB 2.103, and are held from 8:00 am to 9:00 am each Tuesday morning.

Aside from the Pediatrics Research Rounds, UB Pediatrics offers a variety of scholarly activities for its students and faculty. These activities include pediatric faculty meetings and the Pediatric Research Conference. The conferences are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month, and the presenters are invited to discuss their research on pediatric diseases. The presenters are required to disclose any commercial interests they have.

Toro foursomes

During an event at the Wentworth Club, the Toro Center for Advanced Turf Technology showed off a slew of its wares. These included a computerized irrigation control system and a slew of other gizmos and gadgets. Toro also has a longstanding relationship with The Ryder Cup. Golfing fans can expect to see plenty of Toro technology on display during the 2006 tournament.

The company also has a lengthy partnership with the Club de Golf Valderrama. Since 1986, the company has provided irrigation for the Spanish course. Toro’s state-of-the-art technology has helped the course maintain its greens and keep golfers happy. The company has even built a water feature for the clubhouse.

The company also has a longstanding partnership with The K Club. The club has one of the best Palmer courses in Europe, and is also a Toro turf equipment customer. The Toro company has been in the turf industry for almost as long as The K Club has been in business. They have provided lightweight mowers, as well as irrigation equipment for the course.