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Aston Martin Golf Cart

The Aston Martin golf cart will cost $52,000 when it is revealed at monaco later this month. This model is a collaboration between the Garia company and Mansory, the maker of supercars. It has waterproof leather interiors and teak decking. After Rinspeed AG’s Porsche tuning division, the company was established in 2007. They currently employ over 100 people worldwide, and have a network of dealerships throughout the world.

During training camp, Aaron Rodgers surprised his teammates with a new Aston Martin golf cart. David Bakhitiari (the team’s owner) surprised Rodgers by gifting him a custom-made golf cart. The golf cart has custom ‘LUVN69’ license plates and a pink fuzzy steering wheel cover. The golf cart was presented to Rodgers by Bakhtiari, a longtime friend of the quarterback.

Aston Martin golf bags are available in a variety of styles, and colours. The main compartment is insulated and offers the convenience of a separate insulated bag. You can also choose from a variety of bold designs. Aston Martin golf bags also have a large padded main compartment with 360-degree reinforcement foam padding. These bags are affordable and ship free. Many of the bags are made from high-quality materials.