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One Piece Fanfiction Luffy Time Travel Save Ace

One Piece Fanfiction – Luffy, Shanks and the Pirate King of the Sea

Luffy has come close to achieving all that he desires in life, but along the way he lost some of his most important people. Though he will eventually find a way to save them, not everything goes as planned.

Luffy’s only hope of rescue came from a Devil Fruit User with the power to send things back in time. He used it to retrieve those he’d lost and right what had gone awry.

Though he wasn’t thrilled with how time travel had altered his life, it still proved to be the best thing that ever happened to him. He returned his crew and was reunited with those he cared about most. Furthermore, it had given him a new goal in life which he was determined to reach.

He desired to become the Pirate King of the Sea. It was his ambition, and he would stop at nothing until he achieved it. It had been his lifelong dream.

Luffy returned to Dawn Island and was shocked to see Shanks still alive! It had been a year since they’d last spoken, yet here he was, walking up the dock towards an imdeitably familiar pirate ship. Luffy said “hello Shanks,” shook hands with him and started crying as tears ran down his face as he entered the bar and ordered a drink.

He said, ‘I will return the hat this time, Shanks!’ As he spoke, his mind wandered to how he must return the hat before his passing.

It took a lot of effort to get there, but it was all worth it. He had an opportunity to alter events that had transpired, even if that meant losing some friends along the way.

What had changed was the realization that he wasn’t alone in his desire for power. There were now other pirates out there with everything, just as determined to become the strongest and most ruthless in the world.

They traversed the seas, posing a threat to the Marines. Furthermore, they bore the blood of Roger – for they were one of them!

Luffy was a bit confused; he’d seen this bandit before but wasn’t sure who he was. He’d seen plenty of them but never really paid them much attention until now when he noticed this guy with a cool mustache who seemed determined to challenge him for power. Of course, Luffy had no choice but to check him out.

He was stunned, yet didn’t expect that he’d have to fight his old friend. Arriving at the dock, Luffy saw his old boat and remembered how it had been where his crew perished during the War of the Great; something told him it had something to do with Shanks.