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I Saw A Man With Yellow Eyes

Madison Iseman, who starred in the film Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, stars in the psychological thriller titled “I Saw a Man with Yellow Eyes”. It will also feature Harry Connick Jr. and Katherine Heigl. Castille Landon directed the film and also wrote the script. I’m excited to see what this film will be like. It sounds like the perfect movie to scare the pants off of your friends, but who should you trust?

Jaundice can be a sign of an underlying condition. A condition called pancreatitis causes the pancreas to swell, causing stomach pain and jaundice in the eyes and skin. If you notice jaundice in your eyes, see your doctor right away! If your symptoms persist or are severe, you might have a liver problem. If you notice yellow eyes in your child, contact Eye Specialists of Louisiana immediately.

The most common cause for yellow eyes is liver disease. This disease can lead to serious complications and organ damage. If you think you may be experiencing yellow eyes, see your eye doctor to be sure. Your doctor will recommend the best treatment based on the reason for your discoloration. There is usually a simple treatment for yellow eyes. However, you should know that there may be more complicated causes.