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Little People Circus

Little People – A Salute to the Circus

The Fisher Price Little People series is still going strong. These toys are designed to appeal to a wide range of ages, including babies and older kids. In addition to classic toy playsets, the line also offers a line of toy trains and electronic vehicles. There are plenty of options to choose from, so there is sure to be something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the little people, the big ones, or a variety of other animal figurines, you’re sure to find something suitable for your kids.

While the Little People were once considered a choking hazard, the company has made strides towards improving toy safety. They have implemented a new ‘FAMILY ALERT’ safety program, which includes updated toy guidelines and revised toy labels. Another notable change was the addition of electronic sounds to some of the line’s figures.

The original Little People line had six major body configurations, with minor style variations. Their most memorable character, the eponymous OPP, was a black body ringmaster with a black top hat. Other characters included a clown, a ringmaster, a blue elephant, a red caboose, and a monkey.

The company’s ode to circus fun was evident in their many circus themed sets. The aptly titled Safety School Bus was a hit in 1959, with its six characters. The toy was made of tall slimmer pegs of cardboard tubes, wrapped in lithographs simulating clothes. Several spinoffs followed, such as the Musical Zoo Train (2001/2002) and the Little People Farm (1997).

The Little People line is also home to the smallest of them all. The smallest figure is a mere two inches long and comes in both male and female versions. This is a big deal for little hands, as the originals were larger than the scale of the average human.

While the original Little People were considered a choking hazard, they have since been redesigned to make them safer. Some of the newest offerings include the Little People A to Z Learning Zoo, which lets children learn about the 26 different animals in this zoo, in a way that makes it fun and educational. Similarly, the Little People toy train boasts a fresh battery pack and a variety of moving parts. If you’re looking for the best Little People toys around, you’ll definitely find some great deals at your local toy store. For more details, check out our Little People page.

Toys are fun, but they also carry the risk of serious injury and death. Fortunately, Fisher-Price has made changes to its toy safety policy, including implementing a ‘FAMILY ALERT’ program, which helps keep children safe. Also, the company has a toy award program, with its most notable prize being the Little People of the Year award. Those who wish to win the ultimate prize can do so by submitting a video of their child playing with a Fisher Price toy and a drawing of their child wearing a Fisher Price toy tee.