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Jennings J 22 Worth

Is the Jennings J22 Worth Buying?

The J-22 was sold for $100 when it was first released. It is still readily available on the second-hand marketplace. They have a terrible reputation, and some people collect all of the different versions to build a collection. The J-22 is blowback-operated, has a 2.5-inch fixed barrel, weighs just under twelve ounces, has fixed sight, and feeds from an eight-round detachable magazine.

The Jennings J-22 and J-25, now marketed under the Jimenez JA-22 and JA-25, first started production in 1978. While they made several other firearms, they are most famous for their J-22. A recent analysis of the gun by BATF suggests that it has a high likelihood of exploding when dropped. But despite these risks, the J-22 is still worth considering for your next self-defense mission.

The Jennings J-22 is a cheap and unreliable pistol that has poor reliability. While it is not a practical carry gun, it can make a nice conversation piece and unreliable range toy. If you’re not planning to carry the Jennings J-22, this pistol won’t be of much use. In fact, you’re better off buying a fully-automatic pistol.

Early J-22 pistols were notorious for their poor headspace. These pistols’ headspace starts to become dangerous after around 300 shots. When I was 23 years old, my pistol went into “full auto” mode. It had 550 total shots, was seventy-five thousand pounds, was heavier than normal, had 0.041″ headspace, and was intermittently slam-fired.

I hope you found this review of the Jennings J22 Semi Auto Pocket Pistol useful. You’ll also be supporting me in my ongoing research and review of other firearms by purchasing the first article. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it! You can also read my other reviews about the Jennings J-22. Sootch00’s review on the Jennings J22 was invaluable.