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Addison Research

Addison Research Acquired by Schlesinger Group

Addison Research is a leading provider of qualitative and quantitative research services. The company has extensive recruitment capabilities, proprietary panels, and advanced quant programmatic solutions, and also offers highly customizable fieldwork services throughout Canada, the U.S., and Asia-Pacific. It offers both in-person and online research.


Addison Research, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, has been acquired by the Schlesinger Group. The company provides clients with quantitative and qualitative research services. Its expertise includes in-person and online fieldwork. Its services span the Asia-Pacific, North America, and Europe. In addition, it provides survey scripting, mystery shopping, and project management.

Addison Research focuses on the aerospace industry. The research firm has several offices around the world. They are staffed with hundreds of researchers. They use leading-edge technologies and APIs to provide the best possible data. This helps clients make informed decisions about what to buy and use. You can read more about Addison Research by visiting their website.

Technology used by Addison Research

The Addison Tablet PC is a device that connects to a web-based dashboard that allows patients to receive personalized information and manage their medication. This tool allows patients to see important information such as vital measurements and the medication they need to take. The tablet PC also offers patients access to the study team, who manages the medication plans, reminder options, and contact information. They also provide technical support. The technology used by Addison Research has been adapted for use in different cultures, including Germany.

The technology used by Addison Research is intended to support home health care. The Addison Care system includes several features that are aimed at providing better care to patients. One of these is the ability to communicate with doctors through a virtual avatar. During the interview, the researchers will gather data on patient expectations and technology readiness.

The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has clients in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. It offers a comprehensive range of global data collection services, including a proprietary panel for qualitative recruitment in the US. The combined quantitative and qualitative capabilities will offer clients added value. The acquisition will start in Q2 of next year and will bring the Addison team and its clients closer together.

Fieldwork Dallas

Fieldwork Dallas is looking for men and women ages 25 to 69 to participate in a focus group about oral care. You can choose from afternoon or evening group times and be paid $125 for your time. No sales pitch will be made, and your information will remain confidential. If you’re interested in participating in a focus group, contact Fieldwork Dallas directly for more information.

Fieldwork Dallas is strategically located with an extensive respondent database. This location boasts state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated, knowledgeable staff. They offer a spacious room that can seat up to 50 respondents, tiered observation rooms, and HD recording and streaming. Client lounges are also available for those looking for a more comfortable environment.

Schlesinger Group investor

The Schlesinger Group has acquired Addison Research, a Canadian firm that provides data collection services to clients in North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. The company’s services include study design, data collection, project management, and survey scripting. In addition, it offers mystery shopping and intercept interviews. The combined quantitative and qualitative capabilities will provide added value for clients. As part of the acquisition, the Addison Research team will join the Schlesinger Group. The integration process will begin in the second quarter of 2021.

The Schlesinger Group has a track record of making acquisitions. They have acquired companies in multiple sectors over the past five years. They target information technology and marketing companies. The company owns three companies and has a history of investing in them. In addition to investing in Addison Research, the Schlesinger Group has a number of other investments in the technology sector.