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What Wheels Fit Jeep Cherokee

If you want to replace the wheels on your Jeep Cherokee, you must first understand what wheel bolt pattern your vehicle has. Most passenger vehicles use four, five, or six-lug patterns. To avoid mismatched lug patterns, check the lug pattern chart provided by the manufacturer of your vehicle. This information will help you determine which wheels fit your Jeep. You can also check the lug pattern of your current wheel.

Most wheels fit all Jeep Cherokee models. The only exception is the Liberty, which can be fitted to the Grand Cherokee up to the year 1999. However, the stud pattern for the Grand is different on the Liberty. This means that rims for a Grand Cherokee from 1998 or earlier are not interchangeable. If you are looking for new wheels for your Jeep Cherokee, you should consider purchasing a set of JK Wrangler rims. These rims are the most recent shape and are designed to work with the latest version of the Grand Chrysler.

If you want to purchase aftermarket wheels for your Jeep Cherokee, you need to know the specifications of your original wheels. Your Jeep Cherokee is designed to accept 5 x 110-size wheels. A set of 20-inch Ram Tech. wheels will also fit. If you’re looking to replace your factory wheels, make sure you check the dimensions. Then, choose a wheel that matches your Jeep Cherokee’s wheel measurements.

If you want to replace the wheels on your Jeep Cherokee, you must know the wheel bolt pattern. Your vehicle’s bolt pattern will help you determine the wheel size that will work best. If you have a Liberty or Grand Cherokee, you can use Liberty rims. If you have a Grand or Liberty, you can use JK rims as they have the same 5 on 5 stud pattern.

Jeep Liberty rims and Grand Cherokee wheels are compatible with the Jeep Wrangler. Unless they’re the same model, you can buy a Grand Cherokee wheel that fits your Cherokee. If you’re planning on using JK wheels for your Cherokee, make sure you know the stud pattern on the tires. The stud pattern is what helps you find the right wheels for your Jeep. Likewise, TJ and YJ Wrangler wheels can be installed on a Cherokee.

You can purchase any wheels that fit the Jeep Cherokee. Just make sure that the wheels are made for your vehicle model and size. It’s important to note that there are differences between XJ and Liberty tires, which means you can’t use the same wheel size on the Grand Cherokee. In addition, the two different wheel patterns may be interchangeable. Besides that, you’ll have to know what type of bolt pattern your car’s front and rear fender has.

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