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Travel Trailer Bike Racks

Travel Trailer Bike Racks

Finding a travel trailer bike rack that meets all your needs and expectations can transform your RV into an exciting family-friendly adventure machine. Ranging from simple two-bike carrier racks to multi-bike capacity options that mount onto bumpers, there’s something available to meet every RVer’s budget and hitch compatibility considerations – making finding your ideal rack easy.

Hitch-mount racks are the most commonly used RV bike racks, and come in various styles to meet your specific needs. Some have curved wheel trays while others allow bicycles to be transported by frame only. Some even tilt down for easier access to cargo space behind an RV, camper or fifth wheel.

Buying a hitch-mount rack requires consideration of multiple factors. Number and materials of bikes to transport should be foremost among these. If carrying electric bicycles (e-bikes), ensure your rack meets RV-approved certification to accommodate their additional load.

Quick Products’ simple but durable RV bike rack may be ideal for those on a tight budget. The basic rack holds two bikes at once and connects to the back of a square bumper suitable for trailers 4″-4.5 inches wide, with slotted tire wells designed to accommodate different wheel widths as well as adjustable length settings, plus a stabilizing post for support. Furthermore, corrosion-resistant components make this rack suitable for mounting on either a 2″ class 3 hitch receiver or continuous weld RV bumper adapters – perfect for protecting from weather!

Harbor Freight Haul-Master two-bike rack is another affordable solution, ideal for attaching two traditional bikes securely. It connects directly to an RV hitch receiver using an expandable wedge secured with an expandable wedge locking knob; an expandable wedge secures front wheel using a ratchet strap; while adjustable hook secures rear wheel. Rated to hold 100 lbs of weight capacity this rack works best with lightweight traditional bikes rather than heavier models such as ebikes or hybrids.

RVs can quickly become airborne when traveling over uneven roads or railroad tracks, placing extreme strain on their hitches and racks. Some racks can withstand up to eight Gs of force – equivalent to 1,040 lbs combined of rack weight and bike weight.

RockyMounts provides an affordable platform-style rack designed to carry four bikes. The rack can be attached to the bumper or RV’s trailer hitch receiver and folds down for easy cargo access when not being used; adjustable padded frame hooks keep bikes secured by their frames while its welded steel tray accommodates larger tires. Available in either black or silver to complement your RV rig, it weighs 105 lbs and carries a one-year warranty.