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Travel Stickers Vintage

Luggage Stickers Vintage

Ask any hotel bellboy today to attach a luggage label, and they may give you an empty look. Luggage stickers vintage were once widespread among hotels but became less common by the 1960s as soft suitcases became the standard and travel became less about experiencing something than more about mass transit – yet many old labels have survived this transition and now attract collectors who avidly seek them out for their nostalgic value.

These vintage-inspired paper craft embellishments are an excellent way to let people know where you have traveled. Featuring stickers of suitcases, planes, cameras and other travel-themed objects in faded red, beige and green hues with iridescent accents, they’re ideal for cards, scrapbook pages and other paper crafts projects.

This set of vector luggage stickers comes complete with two files, both built using CMYK colors for optimal viewing, that feature both “clean” and aged grunge luggage tags. They’re easily editable as needed to fit into your needs and lifestyle.

Retro luggage stickers are an easy and stylish way to let everyone know where you have been and are going. From traveling abroad to heading down to the beach, these fun illustrations add style and excitement to every adventure! Additionally, these retro luggage stickers can add some flare to homemade gift wrapping projects – just take care when applying them as to not cause damage!