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Which Of The Following Best Describes Balanced Stretching

Balanced stretching is an exercise technique that involves stretches for several muscle groups in different parts of the body. It increases muscle tone and elasticity and helps achieve a comfortable muscle tone. It increases blood flow to the muscles and reduces lactic acid buildup. Which of the following best describes balanced stretching? Answer the questions below and discover how to practice it for the best results. Here are a few examples of effective stretches:

Dynamic Stretching. This form of stretching involves holding a position with your hand or with gravity. This helps stretch the targeted muscle. One example of dynamic stretching is the hamstring stretch. In this type of stretching, you bend at the waist to touch your toes, then swing the leg upward. This enables you to increase the height and duration of the stretch. Once you’ve reached the desired height, repeat the exercise three or more times.

Dynamic Stretches. These stretches are more complex, involving full range of motion and can be done before a workout to prevent injury. Some dynamic stretches mimic the movement of an activity, like circled arms before entering the water. Others involve controlled movements that involve the whole body. For example, a swimmer may perform a hamstring stretch by bending at the waist and touching his or her toes.

Balanced Stretching: A dynamic stretching exercise involves holding the stretch with the help of gravity or hand. The goal is to improve flexibility and range of motion. This type of stretching involves a variety of movements that use the entire range of motion of the muscle targeted. For example, a hamstring stretch involves bending at the waist and touching the toes. A dynamic stretches is a type of static stretching where the target muscle is held for 30 seconds.

When performing a dynamic stretch, a physical therapist uses a table or gravity to hold the stretch for a specific period of time. Unlike static stretching, dynamic stretching involves a continuous movement to lengthen the muscle. It improves speed by increasing the muscles’ temperature and reducing the stiffness of the joints. If performed properly, both types of exercises help prevent injuries. Which of the following exercises are the most effective for improving range of motion?

A dynamic stretch increases a person’s flexibility and balance. A person performs a dynamic stretch by bending at the waist and bringing their legs forward. The leg is flexed back and forth, requiring the muscles in the ankle to work in opposing positions. By performing a dynamic stretch, a therapist can achieve greater range of motion. During a workout, a person can also improve balance by stretching in a specific position.

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