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Travel Backpack Target

Top 5 Travel Backpacks From Target

Are you searching for an easy-to-pack backpack for a weekend getaway or a durable hiking bag to take on long trips, Target has the travel backpack perfect for you. With various sizes, styles and features available, there’s sure to be something that works perfectly in your size range.

Stylish Packing Dupes

A good travel backpack should not only look good on you, but it should also be able to carry all of your gear. So while looking great and accommodating everything from toiletries to laptops, consider one that’s comfortable to wear, has plenty of compartments, and is water-resistant so that it stays dry when trekking through rainforest or hiking the Grand Canyon.

For a backpack that’s more than just stylish, opt for ones made with breathable material like nylon and feature a padded back panel and shoulder straps. Some packs even have special padding to enhance comfort, plus some have adjustable torsos so you can find the best fit for your body type.

When shopping for a travel backpack, it’s wise to try them on first. Most outdoor stores will load them with the equivalent of 30 pounds (15 kilograms) of gear so you can feel how the weight feels on your back and whether or not the design is comfortable before making your purchase.

Packs with plenty of pockets can be great for organizing your gear, but be mindful that more pockets mean additional bulk. The ideal travel backpack should have one main compartment and several smaller ones to keep things organized without adding too much weight to the bag.

If you need a backpack with plenty of room, Kelty Redwing is an excellent option. This hybrid hiking and travel backpack features a suitcase-clamshell design for clothes, anti-theft pocket, removable hip belt, water-proof compartment for toiletries and more – making it an excellent choice among travelers. Available in multiple liter sizes as well as female-specific versions, this top-rated item has earned rave reviews.

TikTokers Are Raving About This Green Viral Backpack

Looking for a cute, lightweight travel backpack that looks like it was designed with style in mind (and can serve as an excellent fanny pack dupe? Look no further than Universal Thread bag. Featuring a plush, carpet-like exterior in seven vibrant color ways, it is sure to please any style preference.

Interior zip compartments make organizing your outfits a breeze, plus it comes with a padded laptop slee for airport security. This popular backpack on TikTok has recently been restocked at Target for less than $20!

Budget Friendly Travel Backpacks

Most travel backpacks are reasonably priced, and many quality options can be found for less than $100 USD. When selecting your backpack, try to spend within this range to ensure you get the highest quality possible.

Some of the more expensive travel backpacks are intended for hikers or camping trips and will come equipped with more features, like special padding, than you’ll ever need. Plus, these heavier fabrics make them better suited to outdoor use than if you’re just planning a weekend away in New Zealand.