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13730 Research Boulevard

How to Get From 3401 Red River Street to 13730 Research Boulevard

The distance between 3401 Red River Street and 13730 Research Boulevard is about 15.5 miles, or 13.5 nautical miles. The driving distance is displayed in kilometers and miles, and is also available in nautical miles. Using this map, you can plan your trip. It shows you the time required to get from 3401 Red River Street to 13730 Research Boulevard Austin.

13730 N Highway 183 is available for lease

The property located at 13730 N Highway 183 is currently available for lease in Austin, TX. The asking price for the property is $109,999. The Zestimate Home Value provided by Zillow, Inc. is provided “as is” and subject to Zillow’s Terms and Conditions. School zone information is computer generated and is not a guarantee of enrollment. It is the responsibility of the buyer to independently verify the school zone.

Travel time

If you’re looking for the fastest way to get from your current location to 13730 Research Blvd, the best option is to use a transit app like Moovit. The app provides free maps and live directions to help you navigate your way. It also shows you the travel time to get to Research Blvd in real time, so you can plan your trip accordingly.