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Best Support For Miss Fortune

Best Support for Miss Fortune in World of Warcraft

Miss Fortune is one of the most popular champions in the 2021 meta, and her high pick rate has made her a popular choice for players who want a team fighting ADC. As an ADC, Miss Fortune is known for her powerful wave clear and long-range abilities, making her a great pick for solo playing and team fighting. If you don’t want to spend much time playing her, you can even leave her in the bot lane alone, where she can safely farm and clear waves. As a support, you can focus on playing your champion, leaving Miss Fortune to farm and fight waves on her own.

Maokai: Maokai is another great option if you want to play Miss Fortune with some CC abilities. She has great damage and a long C duration that makes her a great initiator. Her ultimate is powerful, and it’s also a great way to lock down your enemies for Miss Fortune’s ultimate.

Leona: A good combo between Miss Fortune and Leona is a fast, aggressive duo. While Miss Fortune can take out her opponents with her quick attacks, Leona can force fights and follow up with bursts of damage. This combo can be effective as early as level two. If your opponent is captured, Leona can be a great initiator and a slowed opponent can be a good target for a skill shot.

Titan of the Depths: Titan of the Depths is another solid choice. While Miss Fortune has an excellent burst damage kit, she also has a Q that can channel a portion of her ultimate. The Depth Charge also gives her two seconds of crowd control. If you play Miss Fortune with a Titan, she’ll have a much better chance of locking down opponents.