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Traveller Winches

How to Select Traveller Winches

Traveller winches are a useful tool that can help get your vehicle out of sticky situations. They come in various models and can be used on various vehicles. Thanks to their compact size and lightweight design, these winches are easy to transport wherever life takes you – perfect for camping trips or other excursions!

Traveller Winches Made in the USA

The ideal traveller winch can handle your heavy-duty lifting requirements. These units are built to last, so you can count on them for years without breaking down. Plus, their ease-of-use means no hassle getting the job done – no matter how tough it gets!

Traveller Winch Capacity

A traveller winch’s capacity is essential. It determines how many times it can pull a load, making heavy-duty applications much easier. Furthermore, larger capacity ensures less risk of overwork or damage during use.

When selecting a winch, price, capacity and motor type should all be taken into consideration. A winch with series wound motor may cost more than one with permanent magnet motor; however, the former has greater heat tolerance and can provide reliable performance even during extreme weather conditions.

Series wound motors are less vulnerable to electrical surges than permanent magnet motors, making them safer for your vehicle’s electrical system. You should also take into account the length of a winch’s cable when considering how much power it can pull; longer cables may be easier to maneuver but they’re also more likely to snap if not taken into account.

If you need a winch that can be used all year round, opt for one with an impressive capacity. This will enable you to recover your vehicle when it gets stuck in snow or mud.

It is wise to invest in a winch with an effective remote switch. This will enable you to start and stop the winch without having to leave your vehicle, which could prove hazardous when dealing with heavy-duty tasks.

No matter your driving skill level, having a winch in your vehicle is an invaluable asset. Not only will it save you time and money in the long run, but it can also allow you to quickly and easily get out of sticky situations.

Installing Your Traveller Winch

The initial step when installing a traveller winch is to take off the front bumper of your vehicle. Do this by taking out four bolts holding it in place. Afterward, attach the winch brackets to these holes. Finally, reattach the bumper and test it for proper operation.

How to Adjust the Tension of Your Winch

Traveller winches’ tension can be adjusted by loosening a set screw at their base and rotating it. This will raise or lower tension on the cable of the winch. Once you’ve achieved your desired tension, tighten the set screw once more.