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Ouai Travel Size and OUAI Leave in Conditioning – Travel

Ouai Travel Size

The Parisian haircare brand recently released a travel-sized shampoo and conditioner set. This sulfate-free formula for medium hair contains hydrolyzed keratin, babassu oil, and kumquat fruit extract while the thick hair shampoo includes marshmallow root extract to soften strands as well as shea butter for moisture. Similarly, the detox shampoo cleanses your scalp of product buildup while leaving it feeling soft and refreshed.

OUAI Leave in Conditioning Travel Size

The Ouai leave-in conditioning travel size is infused with their Smart Technology Complex that helps control frizziness and minimize flyaway hair. It contains amino acids to strengthen hair structure, tamarind seeds to retain moisture, and vitamin E for shine. Spray onto damp hair before styling or use on-the-go for a midday retouch to keep your mane looking its best.