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New Trier High School Employment

New Trier High School Employment Statistics

The New Trier High School employment statistics are based on the self-reported data of company employees. Employees are predominantly White, but they can also be Hispanic or Latino. The Democratic party is the most popular choice for employees. The average employee stays with the company for 4.5 years and earns $. For more information on employment statistics at New Trier High School, please visit

The salary levels for New Trier High Schools District jobs are variable. Pay varies by department and individual’s experience. Salary ranges from $58 to $78, with different positions earning lower or higher salaries. Based on the job description and skills required, the pay rate and job description will vary. New Trier High School employment statistics are updated regularly and can be viewed at any time on the school district’s website.

The district is known nationally for its high quality education. The administration tends to be focused on academics, but the support staff is often overlooked or ignored. Long-term planning is absent, but staff generally have high levels of satisfaction. Additionally, the various departments and staff are independent, and the district is an equal opportunity employer. Therefore, all applicants are welcome. Below are the job requirements and employment opportunities for New Trier High School.