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Tiktok Time Traveller

Is There Such a Thing As a TikTok Time Traveller?

Time travel has long held our fascination. To the extent that there are now numerous people on TikTok who claim they’re time travellers predicting future events with great accuracy.

Tiktok is a social media app that enables users to create and share short video clips, similar to Twitter or Instagram but without users having to identify themselves with names or faces – this keeps the platform mysterious and may account for why “time travellers” have become such a hit!

Though time travel has long been an intriguing concept, recent claims from self-proclaimed time travellers seem excessive. These individuals claim they come from the future and post videos depicting potential world-changing events on their social media accounts.

One user known as authentictimetraveler has attracted more than 700k followers on TikTok for their bold predictions. While some of their predictions have come true (for instance a man from 2029 said there would be three natural disasters), others have not.

Even though many of his predictions haven’t come to pass, authentictimetraveler is undeterred and continues to share videos on their account. Their latest post shows Valencia City in Spain to be completely deserted with no buildings, cars or people present – yet essential amenities such as electricity and internet seem available for the time traveller to use.

The video then goes on to demonstrate that this situation was caused by a time traveller being ordered out of the city by Pulse, an organization controlling time travelers. He assures his followers that everything will be fine soon enough.

The time traveller also warned his audience about future events such as a two-week meteor shower which will grant humans super powers, and first contact between aliens and humans which will result in war. How he knows this remains unknown but, considering past prophecies from him have proven false, one should probably take this prediction with caution.