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Genentech Principal Scientific Researcher Salary

Genentech Principal Scientific Researcher Salary

The Genentech Principal Scientific Researcher salary is 87% above the national average. This figure is based on 25 data points, including employee submissions and past job ads. In addition, salary information comes from third-party sources such as Indeed. The salary may vary based on jurisdiction. In other words, it depends on your experience and location.

Job description

If you’re looking for a high-level position with a high salary, consider a job at Genentech as a principal or senior scientific researcher. Working for this pharmaceutical company, you’ll be responsible for discovering new therapeutic targets and developing novel medicines to treat diseases. Your main responsibilities will be to conduct research, collaborate with other scientists throughout the company, and publish novel findings in high-profile scientific journals.

Genentech pays its employees an average of $120,470 a year. However, salaries can vary widely, ranging from $76,374 to $191,472 a year. In general, employees in the Research Scientist, Biotechnology department make the highest salaries at Genentech, earning an average of $118,658 a year. In comparison, employees in the Research Associate, Biotechnology department make the lowest salaries, making $82,391 a year.

Experience in media development

The Genentech principal scientific researcher salary is high in comparison to the national average. This is based on data from 25 sources, including job ads, third-party submissions, and employee reviews. However, the exact salary may vary based on the jurisdiction. This compensation is based on experience, not just academic background.

Genentech has more than 500 open positions. These positions have varied salary ranges. The lowest paid position is Research Associate, Biotechnology, which pays an average of $82,391 annually.

Salary range

Genentech principal scientific researchers earn an average salary of $216,320 per year. Typically, these scientists work as a part of a team to conduct scientific experiments and analyze the results. They also qualify and maintain lab equipment. Moreover, they also supervise operational aspects of the lab. In addition, these scientists provide the company with high-quality scientific expertise. They are often responsible for new program initiatives, new development activities, and applied research.

The Genentech principal scientific researcher salary range is based on average salary figures from fifteen anonymous sources. These salaries are higher than the national average, which is $122,338. However, the salary may vary based on other factors, such as location and experience.

Vaccinations required

Genentech is looking for a Principal Scientific Researcher to develop single-cell genomics technologies and apply them to tissues and in vitro models. This position will drive research efforts aimed at understanding how immune and inflammatory response to infection affect host biology. This role requires hands-on experience in microbiology, immunology, and cell biology. In addition, the successful candidate should be comfortable working with interdisciplinary teams, including members from Cancer Immunology, Research Pathology, and Bioinformaticians.

Education required

A job as a principal scientific researcher at Genentech can offer a high salary, good benefits, and job security. The company has several openings in its Terrett Lab, San Francisco, and other locations. It also offers many positions in other fields, such as chemical biology, synthetic organic chemistry, and data analysis.

Genentech’s job postings typically require five or more years of research experience. As an employee of Genentech, you’ll enjoy meaningful projects and the opportunity to work with accomplished scientists. The average salary for a Principal Scientific Researcher at Genentech is $80K to $107K.