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New Peoples Bank Lebanon Va

New Peoples Bank Lebanon VA

New Peoples Bank, or NPB, as it is more commonly referred to, is a state-centric institution headquartered in Lebanon, Virginia. In addition to its brick-and-mortar operations, the bank offers a mobile app that allows customers to check their balances, transfer money, and deposit checks on the go. The company also offers free investment consultations. For more information about the bank’s services, visit the website above. A customer service representative can be contacted by telephone or email to schedule an appointment or obtain a new account application.

Notable is the fact that New Peoples Bank is the only bank in the state of Virginia to offer mobile banking. The NPB Mobile app is available for Android, iOS and Windows phones. Users can set up alerts based on their account activity and make payments using Apple/Google/Samsung Pay. With the app, users can also check their balances, deposit checks, pay bills, and much more. One downside to this feature is that the bank’s online branch locations are not always open, as they may close on weekends. However, for the most part, this is a convenient way to manage your money on your terms.

As for other features, the most exciting aspect of the mobile bank is that it lets users access their accounts on the move. Customers can also access the mobile-specific perks of a traditional branch, such as a free safe deposit box and a 50% discount on all check cashing services.

There is also a large selection of consumer and business banking products and services, from credit cards to loans, to mortgages. As with many of the best banks in the nation, New Peoples Bank strives to give customers a superior experience every time they walk through the doors. While it might not be the largest financial institution in the state, it does have a reputation for being a responsible financial institution. Despite the recent tumultuous times, customers can count on the bank to help them manage their finances as efficiently as possible.