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12636 Research Boulevard

12636 Research Blvd – C200, Austin, TX – Walk Score Report

12636 Research Blvd – C200 is located in Austin, TX. The property features 49,794 square feet and a Walk Score of 48. The location is largely car-dependent, but there are some transit options available. For more information, see the Walk Score report. Its location is also within the Austin area, making it a car-dependent area.

It has a total of 49,794 square feet

12636 Research Blvd. has 49,794 square feet of total space. The building was built in 1984. It is located in the Austin area. This property has a Walk Score of 48 and a Transit Score of 28. This means that it is mostly car-dependent, though there are some transit options.

It has a unknown

12636 Research Blvd – C200 is a neighborhood located in AUSTIN, TX. The neighborhood has a Walk Score (r) of 48, making it car-dependent, and a Transit Score (r) of 28. Some nearby public transportation options are available.