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Ultra Light Travel Guitar

Ultra Light Travel Guitar

Ultra light travel guitars are guitars designed with portability in mind, making them ideal for travelers who need to take their instrument with them. Generally small and lightweight, these instruments make transporting and playing easier, plus they can easily be folded or carried. As such, these instruments have become very popular among professional musicians.

The Traveler Guitar Pro is one of the best-selling models from this company. It boasts a sturdy body and humbucker pickup for superior tone quality. Available in multiple colors, this instrument makes an excellent choice for travelers needing a long-lasting travel instrument.

Traveler Guitar has been crafting travel guitars for over 25 years. Their selection includes electric and acoustic models alike.

Ultra Light Travel Guitar

The Ultra Light travel guitar is the smallest and lightest electric guitar from Traveler Guitar line. It boasts their proprietary In-Body tuning system, which uses standard guitar tuning machines relocated inside the body for a full scale neck that’s 28% shorter and 68% lighter than a conventional full-sized electric guitar.

This makes the Ultra Light guitar the ideal solution for travelers who want a full-scale playing experience, but don’t have the space or budget for an extensive traditional guitar collection. Furthermore, its hand-friendly smooth satin finish gives it an attractive and well-built feel that will enhance any playing situation.

The Ultra Light guitar is user-friendly, featuring a chromed metal frame with detachable leg/lap rest and heavy-duty travel bag for portability. This makes it the ideal guitar for sitting practice and rehearsal sessions as well as performing with your band.

The Ultra Light guitar may be lightweight, but it does come with some issues that may make playing it challenging for some players. Adjusting the angle of the neck and fretboard is difficult, while lacking a headstock makes tuning difficult. But these issues are easily fixed; soon you will become accustomed to them as well. Furthermore, this model features a humbucker pickup in the bridge position for a full, rich sound suitable for all genres of music.