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Jon Walker Landgraf

Jon Walker Landgraf

The American actor Jon Walker Landgraf is known for his roles in several television shows. John Landgraf, the producer, was his wife. Their son was born August 7, 1997. They have two more children. They are the parents of two sons, William and Caleb. This article provides some background information on Landgraf.

Landgraf was born in Santa Fe (New Mexico). He met his wife, Ally, while they were attending UC Santa Cruz. Landgraf, a former physicist, was at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. Landgraf was later named executive producer and president of 30 Days. Ally Walker, his wife, was born in Tullahoma (Tennessee) on the 25th August 1961.

Landgraf’s career in the television industry has taken him to many interesting places. He was once a Vice President of Primetime at NBC, where he oversaw the development of such shows as The West Wing, Friends, and JAG. He then co-founded Jersey Television with Danny DeVito and produced Reno 911! on Comedy Central. Later, he was elected President of Entertainment at FX Network in 2004 and oversees original TV shows such as The Shield and Rescue Me. His wife is an actress, and they live in Santa Monica, California.

Landgraf is a highly successful TV executive with an estimated net worth $30 million. He currently serves as Chairman of FX Network and FX Productions and is paid a $9 million annual salary. He is 59 years old and has a very charming personality. He has light brown hair and eyes.