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Famous People Born On May 18th

Famous People Born on May 18th

There are thousands of people born on this day and hundreds more who will claim this epoch onwards. So how did they spend their days and nights. Luckily for them we have a plethora of options for coffee, beer and even cocktails. Hopefully, the good times will prevail. After all, there’s no shame in a night on the town. If you’re lucky, you might just have the night of your life. Besides, the o’s, the o’s are a dime compared to a cab or two, not to mention the cost of a bottle of wine. You can’t expect the sex to keep the ladies happy, can you? Of course, we aren’t talking about a sex thugs here, we are talking about a feisty female. On a personal note, I haven’t had the pleasure of having an unrequited feisty since a long, long time.