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Peoples Bank Monroe Ct

Peoples Bank, National Association – Monroe, CT

When it comes to banking, a lot has been written about Peoples United Bank, National Association. The bank has a long and storied history. For one, it has been around for almost a century. It is also the largest bank headquartered in Connecticut with about 1,100 branches spread out across the state.

While the bank is still in business, some of its smaller branches will be phased out over the next few years. A few branches, including the aforementioned Monroe Stop & Shop are currently closed. Customers can continue their business by banking at a variety of locations, including those located nearer to the Monroe area. Of course, if you want a bank that has the latest technology at its disposal, you may want to shop around. If you are looking for a small-town bank with a personal touch, you may find what you are looking for at Peoples Bank, National Association.

In honor of National Bank Month, a number of banks in the area will be giving back to their customers. Some of the most generous contributions include people-centric prizes and a chance to win an iPad. Other banks, like Webster Bank and Peoples United Bank, will be giving away small swag bags to their most loyal customers. These giveaways will be handed out at their respective locations. Whether you are looking for a new home mortgage or a deposit account, there’s a bank out there for you.

M&T Bank is also giving its customers a chance to win a prize in the form of a free trip to Florida. In order to take advantage of this offer, you must register for the company’s mobile banking application. With the company’s mobile apps, you can keep tabs on your account at all times. You can even make payments to other users of the app. Although it may not be your usual bank, M&T Bank is a reliable source of quality banking services. Hopefully, their recent foray into Monroe will pay off in the future.

One thing to keep in mind is that a recent announcement of a flurry of small bank branch closures in the state is no secret. Thankfully, M&T Bank isn’t the only bank to go under the microscope in this part of the state. Earlier this year, Webster Bank announced that it would be closing 16 branches throughout the state. As of December, however, it remains a solid contender. Despite its merger with Peoples United Bank, the bank is still a reputable institution. Just in case you have a question about the aforementioned announcement, you can always give them a call.