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Pocket EDC Knife For Outdoor Life

Pocket EDC Knife For Outdoor Life

The Beagle is a harpoon blade style folding pocket knife. It specs a 154CM stainless steel blade with high corrosion and wear resistance, offering amazing edge retention. With a sharp centered tip, this blade is the best option for cutting and piercing jobs. The dull back and curves near to the tip make sure more control and better the blade power. The blade is made of famous G10 with high durability and power. The board contoured and textured handle gives a complete and relax grip during long periods of use. Inside the handle a robust liner lock and the blade running on a low-friction bearing system permits to perfectly deploy the knife with the twin thumb studs. With a closed length of 4.3 inches and a deep-carry pocket clip, the Beagle folding knife is a remarkable pocket knife to have with you every single day.


Premium 154CM Harpoon Blade

Make your last cut feel just as easy as the first with this premium 154CM Harpoon Blade that provides amazing corrosion resistance, super sharp tip, and reinforced harness. Best for any outdoor and indoor jobs!

G10 Handles

Level up your handle with G10 for power, toughness, and wear resistance!

Perfect Opening And Safe Lock

Fast to open and twin thumb studs while securing the blade strong in place with a stout stainless steel liner lock when completely opened. 

Portable & Compact

Weighting in just 3.44oz and just 4.3 inches long and when folded. Pair with a powerful pocket clip for daily carry and storage.

Advantages Of Beagle 154CM Harpoon Blade Folding Knife

You Can Survive In Wild Places

There is no other tool than a special and little size knife to bring on an adventure hiking or trip. To carry a large home knife is not the best choice in your luggage. You can use it for carving on tree when you feel any risk in the jungle. Your pocket knife has wonderful benefits can be utilized for different jobs. For example, it can stop yourself if any animal jumps quickly towards you.

Peel Off Vegetables And Fruits

Vegetables or fruits, which you do not use without cutting or peeling off frequently, we take them for patients in shops, hospitals, or at picnic places also. You will not find any right tool to peel off or cut vegetables or fruits, so, you will find the ease of keeping pocket knives with you. A pocket knife can simply fit in your pocket. Apart from it keep less area and can be simply folded with its cover.

For The Woodworks In Your Shop Or Your Home

Can tin and openers are forever in need of a knife to open the lids, but some conditions need your pocket knife more generally than guessed, as a tool to assemble many projects in your workshop. Yes, you may think the capability to cut and open things up is just when the condition arises, but you can also count on a pocket knife as a tool for your workshop projects.

Get Protection From Animals

A folding pocket knife acts as a survival tool in the wilderness. Sometimes, it becomes important for you to save and defend. You would not find an excellent tool while you are going for mountaineering or camping trip. In times for survival, a folding pocket knife is excellent than a big knife useful whenever required. Also, on that fishing trip, if you are planning to go on, don’t forget this tool as it is going to help you with removing the hook from a fish mouth.

First Aid

It comes into the best of utility when saving any person life or offering first aid. Remember the films where the victim uses a pocket knife to cut the ropes from behind and escapes the room. In emergencies, it is the best savior. 

Cutting Or Trimming Clothes Using Your Pocket Knife

A pocket folding knife is supportive in fashion industry, as well. You can use it simply when you have to trim the clothes because trimming clothes need little scissors. So, this pocket knife is supportive. You can keep it in your pocket. It will not be harming you in your pocket because its case will fully cover your pocket knife. So, use it perfectly in your workplace.

 Additional, any person of your colleagues can be wounded suddenly. So, it is best to keep this knife in your pocket. You can cut cloth and cover your or colleagues would using this little tool.

Various Pocket Knives For Sale At Olight Store

If you are a first-time buyer and hesitate about finding cheap folding knife, don’t hesitate. Olight store is providing a big range of cool pocket knives like Beagle 154CM harpoon blade folding knife. All these knifes work on the folding mechanism, the only difference is of design and construct.

The famous type of these knives is tactical knives. As the name advises, tactical knives are best for people who need this knife for fighting objectives or doing some heavy jobs.

All types of knives are best for different objectives. The only difference is of the blade types. Some of the unique pocket knives are made with bigger blades, whereas some come with little blades. Along with the difference in blades, these Olight cheap pocket knives are accessible in a range of colors and designs so that every person can get what he wants.

End Words

There are many reasons for carrying a pocket folding knife along with you like Beagle 154CM harpoon blade folding knife. It is no doubt a famous and helpful tool for ages. For decades, a pocket folding knife has helped with multiple chores.

Their razor-shape and compact design blade make them the most flexible tool. You can gain usefulness, strength, and authority with the help of this knife.

In the modern-day, with the arrival of new innovations and designs, the best pocket knives are special as ever with easy-opening mechanism and different blades.

Beagle 154CM harpoon blade folding knife is helpful for people from every walk of life. Whether it is a contractor or a military person, woodworker, a craftsman, or even an outdoorsman, it is equally supportive for all of them.