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Travel Echo Tech Jobs

Travel Echo Tech Jobs

Travel echo tech jobs offer allied health professionals the unique chance to explore the world while earning top pay. As an ultrasound tech, echo tech, radiology tech, lab tech or respiratory therapist on assignment, you have the unique chance to serve various patient populations throughout America.

Experience places like a tropical island in Hawaii or the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina while earning money and developing skills related to your passion! Plus, with a team dedicated to supporting you throughout each step, it’s possible!

Travel echo techs should have a resume that highlights their career history and skillset. Doing this will not only make an excellent impression on recruiters when applying for jobs, but it also gives you more freedom in selecting which setting you want to work at and what details to highlight.

Depending on the travel position you are applying for, you can highlight any additional certifications or training you possess. Doing this helps create a stronger impression that you are an experienced travel allied professional searching for long-term stability in employment.

LRS Healthcare is a reliable and trusted staffing agency that can assist you in finding the ideal job. They’ll guide you through every step of the process and guarantee that you’re placed at a hospital or facility with high level of expertise to match your skill set. Furthermore, they give you all necessary tools to navigate travel arrangements, as well as having an experienced support team ready to go whenever your job assignment requires traveling away from home.

Travel echo techs on average make between $2,400 and $2,400 per week depending on their hours worked and demand for ultrasound technologists in certain regions.

Travel echo techs enjoy a competitive salary as well as numerous other perks. These include free private housing, health insurance, license reimbursement and more.

Some travel sonographer agencies also provide bonus programs for qualifying for certain assignments. These bonuses may amount to up to $1,000 in travel money or stipend.

Echo techs typically possess either a degree or certificate in medical sonography, which typically includes courses on how to perform cardiac imaging procedures. Those with bachelor’s or associate degrees may be preferred by employers for more advanced positions.

Echo techs require a certificate or degree in cardiac sonography from an accredited program accredited by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). Many echo technicians also pursue additional certifications and specialized fields within ultrasound technology to better serve their patients.