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Ux Research Apprenticeship

What to Expect From a UX Research Apprenticeship

Whether you are interested in a ux research apprenticeship or not, there are many things you need to consider. These include your goals, the types of companies you’d like to work for, and your budget. You may even want to consider getting a mentor to help you through the process.

LUX-AP program

Luckily for you, Lux Research has a plethora of quality research and development (R&D) employees to keep you on the cutting edge. To boot, you’re likely to be surrounded by a group of similarly minded geeks. The perks are all the rage, so you’ll be able to take a deserved snooze once in a while. A bonus is that you’ll be in a good place to take advantage of the best deals. After all, you’re in the same building as the bigwigs. Getting the good deal is a lot like winning the big one. This is especially true if you’re in the right place at the right time.


Several building blocks have been laid to provide training on research methodology for community members. These include apprenticeships, general skill training, and wet lab research. In the context of translational science, apprentices help move specialized knowledge from cutting-edge laboratories to patients.

The University of Southern California (USC) Research Apprenticeship (URAP) program is an example of an apprenticeship program. Participants in this program complete a variety of experiences including writing assignments, field trips, and weekly discovery seminars. They also take part in leadership activities. These apprentices are paid for their work, and have an opportunity to develop employability skills early in their careers.

The apprenticeship model provides students with the opportunity to gain experience and build relationships with faculty. Students may also participate in faculty member’s ongoing research. In addition to conducting research, apprentices may also interview subjects, perform literature reviews, and code data.


BUCK’s UX research and design apprenticeship is a great way to learn the design lingo while working for a company known for their slick digital offerings. The program is open to recent college grads as well as self-taught artists, and you’ll be expected to take on a six-month commitment. In return, you’ll learn the nuances of digital design while demonstrating your mettle on the company’s high-profile web apps. The best part is that you’ll get to work with the coolest people around.

The program also offers mentorship sessions, leadership check-ins and a hands-on design lab for learning about the latest and greatest digital tools. The program even has its own perks, such as an in-office gym and a monthly catered lunch. The office environment is conducive to fostering a healthy work-life balance.


During the course of a yearlong apprenticeship at Viget, you can expect to learn how to make your mark in the biz. The company is located in Durham, North Carolina, where it counts among its clients the likes of ESPN and Adult Swim. It also takes pride in being able to communicate its ideas in a clear and concise manner.

During the course of the program, you will be assigned to a UX strategist and be exposed to all facets of the UX process, from user research to the art of the deal. You will also be exposed to the perks of working at a large digital agency, including regular meetings with your advisor and the opportunity to travel to the fall TTT.

Remote Design Jobs

During an UX research apprenticeship, you can learn about the importance of research and how to conduct usability testing. You can also learn how to work with different audiences to create an optimal user experience. You can find a variety of jobs in this field.

If you want to learn more about UX research, you can enroll in an online UX research apprenticeship program. You can also try to get hired as a freelance UX designer. However, it’s important to make sure that you can show that you have the necessary skills and experience.

You can also learn about UX research by volunteering for a non-profit. You will need to get experience with design tools and develop a portfolio of work. You should also consider participating in an UX design internship.

Microsoft’s Leap Program

Designed for nontraditional candidates, Microsoft’s Leap program provides a new way to connect tech talent to Microsoft’s world-class teams. Applicants can learn from Microsoft’s experienced software developers while working on real-world projects.

The Leap Program is a 16-week immersion that includes classroom instruction, on-the-job learning, and real-world project management. It’s a remunerated program that pays applicants $40 an hour. After the program, apprentices may be hired into a full-time position with Microsoft.

Microsoft’s apprenticeship programs are a great way to launch your career in the tech industry. Apprentices learn how to build software, research new technologies, and participate in real-world projects. Applicants can choose to specialize in network technician, digital communications technician, or support technician.