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Britax B Free Travel System

Britax B-Free Travel System Review

The B-Free travel system is ideal for parents who need a stroller that folds down to the size of a diaper bag, so they can fit it into their car. Plus, its spacious storage basket ensures you have everything your baby needs on any trip.

The B-Free stroller comes in several colors such as forest, midnight and pewter with a black frame for an ultramodern aesthetic. Perfect for parents who require a lightweight stroller but don’t want to compromise safety features of an all-terrain model, the B-Free is sure to please.

You can purchase this stroller as either a stand-alone item, or as part of an integrated travel system with Britax infant car seats that go with it. No matter which way you choose to use it, rest assured knowing that its side impact protection and impact-absorbing base provide high levels of safety.

If you prefer a travel system, the B-Free comes with Click & Go adapters that can be used with any Britax infant car seat. They’re simple to use and the click of assurance when installing the seat assures you it is securely in place.

Once your car seat is installed, there are a few things to remember when using it with the B-Free. First and foremost, the handlebars are telescopic so they can be adjusted to any height you require. This makes managing them much easier if you have an unusual build or build type, plus it provides added comfort for your child as well.

In addition to its telescopic handlebars, the B-Free has an adjustable backrest and head support. This head support is comfortable for babies’ heads as it helps relieve pressure on their neck muscles – particularly helpful for newborns who haven’t developed their neck muscles yet.

Another nice feature of the B-Free is its infinite recline seatback that can be adjusted at various angles for comfort during nap time. This makes it a great option for babies who tend to slouch forward in their seats, which can be uncomfortable both for them and any parent sitting behind them.

The seat can be adjusted with one hand and raised with two, so you can find the ideal recline for your child. Furthermore, when baby falls asleep, the seatback lays flat for added convenience for parents.

The B-Free boasts many other features that make it a top pick for families, such as its 7 storage pockets accessible from either the seatback or below.

This includes a large, easy-to-access basket as well as two interior pockets designed to hold cup holders. Furthermore, there is a flip-up calf rest accessible from the front which offers even more storage options.

Swiveling wheels on this stroller are sturdy and ideal for maneuvering through tight spaces like sidewalks. Brakes are conveniently located on the handlebar, which are easy to activate by pressing down or lifting up. You can even use them to control the stroller when walking over uneven terrain like grass.